Another HMRC Disclosure Facility

HMRC have launched the Property Sales campaign, which is the latest in a long line of disclosure facilities. Under the campaign those individuals who have sold a residential property and made a profit are able to bring their tax affairs up to date.

To take advantage of the best possible terms, taxpayers must voluntarily disclose any income or gains and payment must be made by 6 September 2013. According to the HMRC press release: ‘This campaign is for you if you’ve sold, or disposed of, second or additional residential properties either in the UK or abroad. These could include a holiday home or a property that you rented out. You may also be able to use this campaign where you have sold your main home. This would normally qualify for Private Residence Relief but in some circumstances the relief is restricted. Where the entitlement to this relief is restricted capital gains tax may be due if you are liable to UK taxes.’ ‘If your circumstances meant that capital gains tax was due on the sale of your main home you may be able to use this campaign.’ ‘Even if you didn’t originally purchase the property you may still be liable to pay tax on the gain if you acquired the property another way. For example you may have inherited it or it may have been a gift.’ HMRC are advising that after 6 September they will use the information they hold to target those who should have made a disclosure under this campaign and failed to do so.