HMRC Update Advice on Delayed Statements

HMRC have updated their guidance to those taxpayers who did not receive their Self Assessment statements on time.

HMRC have had more Self Assessment statements than usual to issue this year. Normally these are all issued in July, but this year some are being issued in August. However, many taxpayers wait for the statement to confirm what they need to pay. More importantly, if HMRC have asked taxpayers to make a second payment on account in July, they normally have to pay this by 31 July. However, due to the delays in issuing some statements HMRC have advised: ‘You don't need to worry about this. If HMRC have asked you to make a second payment on account, you normally should have paid this by 31 July.’ ‘You usually have to pay interest if you don't pay on time. If you receive your statement in August, you should still pay the tax due as soon as you can. However you'll only be asked to pay interest on the tax due on the second payment on account if you still haven't paid it by 27 September.’ HMRC are also reminding taxpayers that if they use their online service, they can check their statement online. If you have any concerns regarding payment please do get in touch.