HMRC New Scam Emails

HMRC have updated their guidance to taxpayers regarding scam emails.

HMRC are aware that bogus emails are being sent informing taxpayers that they are due a tax rebate. In other cases people have received emails from asking them to validate their online bank accounts by entering bank details onto a linked website, and other emails requesting personal information. These emails are not from HMRC and they have confirmed that they would never inform a taxpayer of a rebate, or request any personal information, by email. No personal information should be given in reply to these types of email, or entered on any linked websites. SMS text messages HMRC are also warning about a SMS text message scam. They advise that if you receive an SMS text message claiming to be from HMRC asking you to contact any number other than 0845 300 3900 then this is bogus. Their advice is not respond to the number but instead report the matter to your HMRC Contact Centre. Please note that this guidance does not apply to any messages left in person by HMRC officers asking you to ring them back at your local office. Where you have received a suspicious email please forward it to HMRC at