HMRC launch tax credit video

Every year, tax credit claimants must renew their tax credit awards by 31 July or their payments may stop.

Claimants on ‘nil awards’, and those receiving only the full family element of Child Tax Credit, will receive a statement of their 2009/10 award. If these details are correct no further action is needed and the claims are automatically renewed. However, if the details on the award statement are wrong, claimants must tell HMRC. HMRC have launched a series of online videos to help claimants through the annual renewal process. The interactive videos take claimants through the renewal process step-by-step, offering the chance to tailor the help to their own circumstances. The videos cover key areas such as: - providing details of the previous year’s income - notifying HMRC of any changes in circumstances that haven’t already been reported - checking the accuracy of the information in the renewals pack HMRC’s Director of Benefits and Credits, Steve Lamey, said: ‘These new videos are a great way of getting help and advice on renewing your tax credits, and should be able to answer any questions you may have about the renewals process. Once you’ve received your pack, please don’t put it off – renew straight away. The sooner you renew, the sooner we can make sure you’re receiving the right money.’